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Kelsey Fox Reyes

"Gaming is a thrill and an escape, an exercise in creativity and imagination, and a way to engage and inspire; it's an avenue through which players can realize their most fantastic goals and find a community with which to share them."

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Game Writing


I worked as narrative designer on this as yet unannounced project by I worked off pre-determined general concepts and created an entire game world, its characters, and all the lore that went along with them. I also advised on art direction, cutscenes, general quest outlines, in-game enemies and environments, game progression, and special abilities and items. I will be able to share more information upon the game's release!


Game Reporting

The largest tech media platform in Israel and the main channel for Israel's startup news, it has become the leading media channel in both the local and international market for startups, venture capital, internet, mobile, development and more.

An online publication based out of Portland, Oregon highlighting works that focus on the writer's relationship to the external world and/or to inner life and human connection.

Additional Published Writing


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