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Kelsey Fox Reyes

Kelsey excels at working across departments to organize, craft, and implement cohesive and engaging narratives for an unforgettable player experience.

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Game Writing

Highlighted Projects

Narrative Advisor

Details: A first-person atmospheric horror puzzle game where you must uncover the truth about one of your schoolmates before it’s too late. Traverse a world of nightmares inspired by nostalgic Singaporean architecture as you fight to survive. Developed by KOEX Studio.

Publisher: The Iterative Collective

Responsibilities: I assisted the developer in interpreting, organizing, editing, and integrating the narrative into the gameplay.

What Friends Are Spore

Writer, Game Designer, Programmer

Details: A short, comedic branching narrative game starring two halves of the same mushroom who are trying to escape a restaurant together.

Studio: None, solo project

Responsibilities: I wrote the story, designed the narrative branches, characters, and environments, and coded this web-based game in Ren'Py.

What Friends Are Spore.png
Untitled (1).png

Unannounced Mobile RPG
(Code name: Jump Game)

Narrative Designer

Details: A mobile RPG with a unique world that makes use of otherworldly weapons, abilities, and characters.


Responsibilities: I worked off pre-determined general concepts and created an entire game world, its characters, and all the lore that went along with them. I also advised on art direction, cutscenes, general quest outlines, in-game enemies and environments, game progression, and special abilities and items. 



Choose Your Own Adventure

Writer, Game Designer, Programmer

Details: A playable branching narrative based on the concept of the game Homeseek by Traptics. Like Homeseek, this game involves making hard choices with harsh consequences as players try to survive a post-apocalyptic future.

Publisher: The Iterative Collective

Responsibilities: I wrote the story based on pre-existing IP and coded this web-based game in Ren'Py. The story was later printed as a physical book to be handed out by Traptics as merch at conventions and events.

Untitled (5).png

Unannounced Couch Co-Op
(Code name: Project Saturn)

Narrative Designer

Details: A cute, couch co-op game with up to four players. This game's details are still under NDA as it continues through development.

Studio: The Iterative Collective

Responsibilities: Develop character personalities, write dialogue, design and script cutscenes, write barks, choose environments, and craft the overall story 


Personal Projects

For this title, I created a narrative concept based on mechanics, characters, and available assets that were predetermined by my team. I also wrote all the interactive in-game text as well as the written story elements players encounter as they progress through the levels. I addtionally provided VO for cutscenes. 

In-Game Help File

I wrote this for the game Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands based on defined game lore. It became a help file for an in-game organization, demonstrating my ability to compile and condense lore into digestible outline for quick player reference. 

In-Game Library Book

This is a piece I wrote based on existing lore about a Goddess within the game Achaea. It has since been added to in-game libraries to be accessed by other players within the game, demonstrating my ability to build upon a game's lore and expand it into deeper world building, including character details, backstory, and in-universe motivations.

Game Jams

As the narrative designer of this project, I created reference documents with area and character lore, including backstories for each of the NPCs, as well as crafted the dialogue for all game progression and cutscenes. I worked closely with my team to ensure that each step of the process--from how the characters and environment looked to sound design--worked together to communicate this cohesive narrative. 


Me & I features my writing and voice acting. I shaped the narrative direction of the entire project, from the story told to character design to the mechanics that helped communicate the characters’ journeys. I also designed levels and provided the voice for the Mom character. 


I worked as narrative designer with a fantastic team to complete Cell Shocked in only a week. I crafted the character personalities and backstories, wrote the cutscene dialogue, and informed my team's decisions about character design and environment choices in keeping with the narrative I crafted for our game. 

Professional Development

Space Race Game

I transformed a simple childhood favorite into an action-packed space race where players compete to go down in history, all while remaining within the parameters of the original gameplay.

Playable Alien Race

I created an overview for an original playable race based on a prompt for a sci-fi strategy game set in what remains of a once great and sprawling galactic empire. 

Character Creation, Plot Overview, and Story Structure

I created an original character, plot, and story structure for a medieval merchant simulator while working within assigned constraints. 

Character Backstory

I created an original character backstory based on a provided image, taking into account the character's predetermined setting and appearance.

Opening Cutscene

I wrote this opening cutscene for a game writing class at Gotham Writers. It is for a hypothetical game involving a character and plot I created.

Character Barks

I communicate the attitude of an original character through these short quips, including the way her tone and extrinsic goals change after a turning point in the game. 

Writing About Games

K Fox Gaming

My gaming blog where I review games, interview gamers, and discuss the value and impact of gaming on society. 


The Iterative Collective

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The largest tech media platform in Israel and the main channel for Israel's startup news, Geektime has become the leading media channel in both the local and international market for startups, venture capital, internet, mobile, development and more.

An online publication based out of Portland, Oregon highlighting works that focus on the writer's relationship to the external world and/or to inner life and human connection.

Additional Published Writing


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