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Alma of the Forest

As the narrative designer of this project, I created reference documents with area and character lore, including backstories for each of the characters, as well as crafted the dialogue for all game progression and cutscenes. I worked closely with my team to ensure that each step of the process, from how the characters and environment looked to sound design, worked together to communicate this cohesive narrative.


There’s an evil spirit poisoning the forest by Alma’s village, and without her help, soon the damage will be irreversible. In this survival adventure, you must restore the forest’s power by lighting magical lanterns and evading the malevolent phantom. With the help of friendly forest spirits—daemons whose souls are tied to the area through their love of these once-peaceful woods—Alma has to survive long enough to gather supplies and make it to the forest center to restore the power to the area and drive out the destructive forces once and for all.

To see the lore I crafted for the game's characters and setting, click here.

To see how each character's unique personality comes through in their dialogue while progressing the game's narrative, click here.

Click below to be taken to the game page:


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