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Cell Shocked

I'm proud to have worked as Narrative Designer with an amazing team for this game jam project made for the GJL Spring 2022 Game Parade.

Working on this project, I got to practice some comedy writing (puns, anyone?) and balance that with a tie-in to a serious jam theme and thoughtful moral in our game. I also helped shape the narrative of the entire project, from character design to mechanics that were in line with the narrative theme I developed.


In this tower defense-meets-TPS, you play as Iggy, a quick-witted, sharp-shooting antibody deployed to tackle one monstrous infection. The Body is doing its best to keep up, but it needs your help! You’ll have to dodge toxic bugs, manage power-ups, drop turrets, and take down one sick boss to complete your mission: Ensure the Body makes it out of this thing alive!

Praise for Cell Shocked:

Ranked 10th overall in its jam and number 5 in narrative (out of 43). See the ratings here.

Read the script I developed for the game here.

Click below to be taken to the game page:


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