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Me & I

I'm proud to have worked as Narrative Designer and voice over talent for this submission to the Philadelphia chapter of the Global Game Jam in January of 2022.

This was my first game jam project, and I really enjoyed collaborating with a new team of people (who started as strangers and quickly became friends) as well as developing a deep and meaningful narrative for our thoughtful game and providing the voice for one of the characters. I also helped shape the narrative of the entire project, from character design to mechanics that were in line with the narrative theme I developed.

We are working now to turn Me & I into a full-length game and I am providing additional narrative support, level design, and project management to the team as we continue to develop the project.


In Me & I, a young boy is facing the most difficult situation of his life so far. He needs help navigating what’s coming, and in an unbelievable way, he gets it. In this deceptively simple puzzle platformer, a boy and his unlikely adult accomplice team up with the help of Mom to navigate their toughest experience together. Through increasingly complex puzzles, the characters slowly discover the ways in which they can help each other move forward, both in the game and in their real lives.

Praise for Me & I:

Read the script I developed for the game here. (Please note, the script is currently being updated from this basic game jam version.)


Me & I has been invited to participate in the Too Many Games conference and to be part of Philly Tech Week.

Me & I is currently being developed into a full-length game. You can click below to visit the page for the demo version of the project:


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