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Character Backstory

One thing I love about game writing is the unique parameters we have to work within. I love the challenge of creating entire worlds from scratch as well as creating stories for worlds that more or less exist and need a narrative that fits what's already there. This assignment was the latter, where we were given an image and told to imagine it was a character in a game we were brought in to write for and then give that character a unique backstory based on their appearance.

This is a truncated version of this assignment:

Since none of us are experts at creating assets ourselves, instead, we’re going to pick some character art and work backwards to create a character from their appearance!

While it’s ideal to work with your artists to come up with the concept, sometimes, by the time you arrive, the art is already done and everyone on the team is already sold on it.

But that isn’t inherently bad! In fact, it can actually be a fabulous source of inspiration for you!

And, final tip, I think character art should be about backstory. What is it

that made them look this way? That’s where the payoff is!

Click to read the background I created for a preconceived character concept here.


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