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Third Power

For this title, I created a narrative concept based on the already determined mechanics, characters, and assets of the game. I also wrote all the interactive text as well as the written story elements players encounter as they progress through the levels and provided VO for cut scenes.


Third Power is a unique puzzle adventure where players alternate between forms with distinct abilities in order to progress through a mysterious tomb. Avoid traps, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of an enigmatic curse as you advance toward discovering your third—and final—power.

To see how I drafted our game's ending cutscene, click here.

To see the in-game wall writing I created that provides the player with hints about the game's lore as they progress through the levels, click here.

To see how I collaborated to provide artistic direction for in-game storytelling assets, click here.

Click below to be taken to the game's Steam page:

You can also watch our post mortem presented to The Philly Game Mechanics (a local non-profit game dev group) below. If you're interested in my section, it begins about one hour in.


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